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Respected friends,

For everyone that was interested to purchase a DVD of my five hour long talkExtraterrestrial Intelligence in our System’’ that I did in Sydney I would like to notify that the DVD is now available.

Organized by UFO Research (NSW) Inc / Exopolitics Sydney, the recorded presentation held at Burwood RSL (March 1st 2014) is available in PAL or NTSC DVD video format.

(Disk 1 – 02:57:00 min; Disk 2 – 02:00:00 min)

The main essence of the talk was unmasking the extraterrestrial presence in our solar system, why are they here, what do they want and their activities how do we deal with the situation.

Front SideFor the record, the presentation is information purposes only. It is only personal view and understanding of the presenter himself about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences in our solar system and their reasons for interaction with the human race.

back disk for sale

Pane’s astral contacts with the ETs and the information that he collected during the years of astral traveling had made this talk unique in the world because it provides extraordinary perspective not visible to five senses reality.

inner sideThe presentation contains about 2000 slides and abundance of video evidence and it could be classified as a visual feast!




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Satellite Imagery Shows Pakistan Island That Emerged After Huge Earthquake

29 September 2013

PakistanFollowing a 7.7 magnitude earthquake earlier this week, locals in Gwadar, Pakistan, noticed something strange off the coast: a new island.

NASA’s Earth Observatory has released before and after satellite images that clearly show the birth of the island.

Here’s an image taken from the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite taken on April 17:

IDL TIFF fileHere’s the same image taken on Sept. 26, two days after the earthquake:

IDL TIFF file_70117022_c245dd43-ebbb-47ae-96b4-a2ebb91e3c6d 2f1434da-93fe-41fd-a614-aaa2a927c7df.img 5242c2c696f9c gwadar_coastline_-_new_island_emerged_sep_24_2013_erf

Crop Circle 19th August 2013

august 2013wiltshireAgain the same motive – spin of the central sphere, which affects the six side spheres of the seed of life energetic-astral structure. The six outer spheres are all affected by the ZPE coming from the central sphere and they all rotate in the direction as depicted. They all rotate as one, they created seed of life force field which once when its supercharged allows the energy to escape into the second layer of the flower of life energetic astral structure.


First the rotation goes from right side, than up, left side, down, right side, up etc.

0504OverheadThe spin of the central makes the six outer sphere to rotate too…in the same direction…


Strong chi energy field is created…

01Once the energy field is at max and supercharged it creates a portal and escapes into the second layer of the flower of life structure which consist of another 6 spheres and the last layers has exactly the same number of spheres.

02Above motive has been delivered in many crop circles before…


Bellow, 3 layers of the FOL structure, first 7 spheres, second 6 spheres and the third 6 spheres. Every each of us went thru this process when were physically born.

Bellow, the first and the second layer of the mentioned astral structure.

It all comes from the rotation of the central sphere…it all starts there…

The same motive bellow of the crated field as the result of high rate rotation of the energetic spheres inside the human aura…