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 Related to the youtube video of the man made crop circle in NZ. In 1998 the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) paid Team Satan (btw, sponsored by British Intelligence MI5) to make a crop circle in New Zealand. The finished result looked impressive from the air. But the formation was harvested as soon as filming stopped, and not a single researcher was allowed to inspect the lay of the crop. Ground photographs showed a mess of broken and crushed stems; they were so revealing that they were quickly removed from the internet.

The person who recorded the video file on the Oliver Castle crop circle creation by balls of light was under extreme pressure to confess that he hoaxed the video footage. People that do not step back from their statements they finish like Paul Vigau. The evidence that crop circle in Oliver castle shown in the video file was real, was overwhelming because people went there immediately and saw the same formation in the crop field that is shown on the video footage. Heavily military and intelligence presence was detected in the crop formation and they lunched a strong media campaign to erase the phenomenon and to hide from the general public. Questions like why military helicopters are present when some balls of light are present in the fields are never answered by the military.

Mr. C. Andrews research was funded by the Rockefellers and British Queen, just for your information. The one who funds the research controls what is coming into the public. So I would be very careful with his statements.
Inside many crop circles, the stems nodes were actually much longer quite often. The examination had shown that increase in length is the result of heat, nodes get warm…they expand, it’s a thermal expansion and they remain long afterwards. So you can measure the increase in node length….”
The distribution of node lengthening is strongest in the crop circle centre, less and less towards the perimeter.
The results revealed that these spheres are pure iron; the fact that they are magnetized reveals they were formed in a magnetic field.


1.Attempt to cover up the real messages embedded in the genuine crop designs by creating a “real mess” where the general population will have a difficulty to distinguish what is the real extraterrestrial information and what is human disinformation.

2.Attempt of certain governmental circles aware of the real planetary situation to communicate with the ETs in order to generate/extract useful data about advanced technology, genetics, fractal geometry, getting access to undiscovered energy fields and their harvesting etc. In other words attempt of open communication between Shadow Government and ETs via crop circle designs right in front of our eyes…media taking the public attention in other direction and taking care the rest of course.

3.Attempt of replication as a result of human stupidity and desire for show off.

4.Attempt to attract groups of more or less spiritual people that are interested in the cc phenomenon for gaining financial benefit.


1.Creating awareness that we are not alone and that we are sharing this planet and solar system with other intelligent life forms.

2.Creating awareness of great cosmic changes that happened inside the Milky Way galaxy and how these changes will affect our solar system in the near future.

3.Creating awareness that we need to look how the ancients had measured the time, their time cycles which will show us when these changes will occur. Many of the genuine messages are indicating a possible outcome of a great purification and change. A point in time when our can be transformed (die and be reborn again) – The so called Nexus Event. Unfortunately, we lost the opportunity and the Great Cycle ended on 23 Dec 2012 as stated in many Maya, Olmec and other records from the ancient times.

4.Creating awareness that there is a great deception going on, that humanity has been manipulated and deliberately misguided for a long time by certain evil entities.

5. Creating awareness there is a need of fundamental change in human behavior if humanity wants to pass the test and to move towards its own evolution.

But most important >>

Creating awareness that it’s extremely important that we understand certain fundamental principles of how matter is behaving in the process of creation (Star Tetrahedron/Flower of Life astral structure) and how all that is related with the consciousness and our bio-energetic field.

This awareness and understanding can further lead towards achieving a global meditative Oneness – where the energy of the consciousness of millions can be united.

Furthermore, this great awareness will reach capability of making a clear telepathic contact with other species that call Earth also home.

Finally…if this combined chi energy force field is created, it will have enough psionic power to impact the fundamental structure of Earth’s magneto-energetic field…and to provide the necessary energetic compatibility with the superwave that is coming our way…

But only if Humanity let go of fear of unknown, change its ways and remember its own nature and potentials…
So there is a lot more then what meets an eye and what we been told. Many documentaries produced by National Geographics and History Channel, have the purpose to cover up the information that had come and its still coming to some degree today.

Finally whatever its worth, back in 2008 I was receiving the downlink of the geometry of most of the genuine crop circles just day or two before they physically appeared in the fields.
In reality only few video footage exist of people make complex designs. Not even one meets the effects that are present with the genuine ET delivery. Still people like to choose the easy way out, because if they understand what the messages are all about…all our reality and future looks different from the one expected to happen…

Anyway, crop circle makers, despite the general acceptance of the cropies that all cc are man-made are not giving up on us…and they still deliver some guidance and leads from time to time…




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  1. Sir,
    Inspired by your message,it brings me to the question i have about myself because i do feel about things and seconds/hours later they come to play.I wish you could alert me on some of this happenings or am i going insane.Your communication will be of profound help about this and my ability to become vegan which i greatly adore but my situation in Africa/cameroon wouldn’t allow for such.Remain bless and may God’s speed see you through your endeavors.

  2. was in flight from Chicago to San Antonio–during flight saw an omni something kinda like an elongated saucer no-one else noticed it but i was transfixed in time i could c everyone in the plane face-up close and was able to c specifics of what they were doing as if i was peering into their consciousness soon after i kinda snapped and i saw the omni zip out of view into pure blue light–and most recentely ona trip from Austin to San Antonio(driving) i saw another kinda like gray-silver spinnin wheel in the sky–it tourned out to be a Saucer silver and seemed like it had a small curve forming a saucer w a bit of a top anyway i didn’t panic i just called the Selma police department but they had not gotten any calls–it only lasted for about 2-3 minutes then again it just made a crisp escape into the sky it was so beautiful and evertyime i think of the experience i get a phenomenal sensation round pelvic area as if im being tickled very warm sensation-i love it -anyway thats me Miguel Angel Teniente born 1964 Sept 6th San Antonio. Txt of Mexican Heritage–thanks again

  3. Pane,
    I would like to know if there are anymore updates by you from your sources as to the time of the pole shift? You said around June of 2012; any other specific more precise date(s)?
    Thank you for being here for us,

  4. Hi dear Pane
    Why are the most of circles made in the fields of England? If the message is global, so why there are few in the other countries?

  5. Dear Pane
    As I know, you said that the ETs or the same grey aliens are of bad species that don’t behave in friendly manner. And you said the crop circle that shows an ET with a disc, is made by such species. So how can we know that the other crop circles are made by these bad ETs or are not? And if the crop circles are made by grey ETs and they are not our friends, so how can we trust in their messages (for example the message for 23Dec,2012)?

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