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  1. Hello Pane,

    Your recent posts were so very impressive. You have been always one of the very few Light seekers, Light leaders and Light fighters, and you have done all your best up to now to bring Light, transparency and truth for other souls living in this planet, plus this fact that we are all just the players in here and outside here are the known and unknown planetary strategists ((mighty Light ETs and also almost powerful dark ETs I believe just for downfallen planets and their souls to the lowest realms of universe where It makes it so hard for mighty Light ETs to release the downfallen planets and their souls from the yoke of the dark forces)) that their battle still is in progress for the planets like us and I really do believe that they are the same so-called strategists that even will change the outcome of some highlighted events for the planters under their observation, even at the last moments.

    Always be in peace and light and love

    Yours, Hadi

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