Skype Sessions and Consultations

Thank you for all for your interest in skype sessions with AstralWalker.

In the last few months, many people expressed interest to speak/discuss/learn from Astralwalker directly from skype, and now that is again available to arrange!

Five skype session program includes: Basic and progressive meditation, remote viewing, astral projection, Kundalini energy, ESP and zener cards trainings, Flower of Life and star-tetrahedron meditation method…

1459822_10202964396537390_1795711183_nYou will receive many files in Microsoft Power Point format, PDF format, audio and video files related with the program.

Price for 2 hour skype session: $50 Aud.

If interested, contact:

During the years Astralwalker tried his best to help change the lives of so many people in a positive way…so many started to meditate daily, they feel good and returned to full health, they become vegetarians, have learned how to jump from progressive meditation into remote viewing mode, had experienced astral travel (controlled out of the body experience), had increased the their extrasensory perception in general and enhanced their chi/kundalini Force.

Advices that are given in relation to mentioned topics, are highly beneficial and the way the teaching is delivered is simplified to maximum and easy to understand and utilize. The procedures are learned in very short time.

There are many educative materials on the net published by Pane, but face to face learning and direct assistance is a completely different thing…

1383272_10202765711970400_1977909648_n980620_10202852531940845_760443678_oIf you are interested to try one or more skype sessions and see how it goes, please send email to:


Skype Sessions and Consultations — 3 Comments

  1. Zdravo Pane. Od kraja decembra prošle godine nisam posjetio tvoj sajt. Htio sam samo da ti dam prijedlog da pogledas na youtube-u snimke covjeka koji se zove Bashar … koji govori kroz Darrel Anka, zemljanina i to dugi niz godina. On je tvoj tip u smislu da ti moze dati sve informacije koje ti trebaju, a tvoj su domen interesovanja.. Moj osjecaj je da je tip OK i da nije prevara. Vidi sam i zakljuci. Darrel Anka, Basharov medijum ima i web: Ako bi ostvario kontakt sa njim, mislim da bi ti bilo od velike koristi. Pozdrav, Denis-Sarajevo. Ako budes htio odgovoriti,vidi moj mail.

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